Team, Microdosis, Munich, Germany, Europe

The team

Our doctors

Behind the Centre for Microdosis Diagnostics Munich is a well-established team of radiology specialists with many years of experience. They are experienced specialists in the diagnosis and early detection of breast diseases.

You will usually be examined by Ms Gabriele Welter M.D. and Mr Michael Risch M.D.

If they are not available, you will be seen by radiologists who also have longstanding experience in the performance of mammographies. These medical doctors are also responsible for the second evaluation of every examination result, which is carried out as a standard procedure.  

Our staff

Many experienced and highly qualified female employees, which were specifically trained in the area of breast diagnostics, support the physicians in their work and ensure that patients are comfortable while with us. Our committed staff members take their time to look after the needs of our patients.

Dr. med.
Michael Risch

Dr. med.
Elfriede Zorn-Bopp

Dr. med.
Gabriele Welter