Microdosis mammography

Mammography is an X-ray examination during which even slightest alterations of the tissue structure of the breast can be made visible. This method is used for the early detection of breast cancer. The earlier breast cancer is detected, the higher  the chance of curing it.  

Digital is better: Less exposure to radiation 

Our examinations are carried out by means of digital mammography only - a state-of-the-art and mild examination technique. Digital mammography provides an excellent image quality and at the same time requires a significantly lower exposure to radiation than the conventional, analogue mammography method.  

Microdosis mammography

We are breaking new grounds in the early detection of breast cancer and use a fully digital mammography system - the Microdosis Mammography, which requires only an extremely low exposure to radiation and at the same time delivers images in perfect quality.

Gentle breast preventive care with greatest possible certainty

The digital technology allows the X-ray image to be displayed on the computer within seconds; the doctor can then evaluate the image and provide a diagnosis. The image can also be further processed on-screen, which significantly improves the evaluation and increases the diagnostic certainty. Because of the fast and safe evaluation of the images, long waiting times for the diagnosis are not necessary.  

Competent advice

We place great importance on detailed and competent advice to our patients and close cooperation with their treating physician. After the examination we explain the examination results to our patients and discuss with them whether, and if this should be the case, which further measures may be required.  

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