Mammogram, Microdosis, Munich


A reliable diagnosis is a prerequisite for finding the right direction to successfully treat your complaints. Our state-of-the-art and effective examination methods allow us to achieve clear and accurate results. Our examination devices are state-of-the-art and provide a reliable, mild and fast diagnosis.

Prior to the examination we will ask detailed questions about your complaints. We will discuss the result and any further measures, if necessary, in detail with you after the examination. We normally give you the examination images to take with you to your doctor.

The commitment, knowledge and many years of experience of our doctors ensure a reliable diagnosis. We work using the 4-Eye-Principle. In the course of every examination, at least one other colleague is consulted to provide a second assessment of the examination result (second diagnosis).

Because of the latest communication technology, such as teleradiology, we are able to transmit the examination images within seconds to associated clinics of our group of clinics for evaluation. This allows us to obtain second opinions from these doctors. Our digital archive system enables us to simply and quickly retrieve older images and to compare them with the new images. 

Broad spectrum of examination methods

We offer the following examination methods to our patients at our Centre for Microdosis Diagnostics in Munich: